Saturday, May 2, 2009

Good Run

It's been muggy and wet in Tennessee for what seems like forever. I found a break in the rain before lunch and headed out for a long run. Humidity was 90% and the dewpoint was at 58 degrees with the temperature at 61. A misty rain felt very good, and the cloud cover was welcome.

The run went well, with only two stops to get water. I reached the seven-mile mark at a 9:55/mile pace, which felt comfortable. At 9.5 miles, I pitted for water and a 30-second stretch. With the stop, my average pace dropped to 10:00/mile. Only at Mile 12 did I start feeling the run, but I was determined to go sub-10:00. I did, finishing 13.1 miles in 2:10:43, a 9:58/mile pace. That includes some short waits and weaves at intersections. Total ascent and descent was 1,500 feet each.

Mileage for the week topped 32. I had some problems on other runs this week, but not today. I was fighting some stomach discomfort earlier in the week, and it's nice to be beyond it.

One of the best parts about this spring has been watching my son play baseball and being an assistant coach on his team. He enjoys the game very much and is really starting to play well.

Last week in front of Dori and his Nana, he hit a home run, a line drive that scooted to the wall, and a double. He's shrugged off two hit-by-pitches, thrown out runners at the plate and assisted on some double plays. Cool stuff. He enjoys the ballpark, whether he's playing with his team or taking in a Vanderbilt game with his Dad.

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