Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Run Report

After last week's screeching halt, I managed to crank out the hilly 5.8 Warner Park loop on Memorial Day. Funny how delicious old world wine and Memphis-style ribs off the backyard smoker can fuel a decent run. Later in the day, I spent a few hours with the kids at the pool, then surfed the tube like only grown men can.

Candidly, my running is in a funk. I'm trained, but not motivated like I should be because I don't have a race to run. It's also getting hot and muggy. Though I cope better with the heat and humidity than three years ago, I still don't relish running in it.

I'm gonna hammer out a few more runs this week and try to nail a good one early Saturday. There's a 10-mile race an hour from home on June 20, then not much else except a July 4 5K. I may just maintain a modest fitness level this summer and re-ignite the serious training in the early fall.

I can't decide if I'm Dopey for not entering the Seattle marathon sooner, or Grumpy because I need an attitude adjustment.

Here's a sampling of what Dori, the kids, and my mother and sister ate Sunday night, paired with delicious French wine:

Memphis-style ribs with Jim's special dry rub (eight spices)
Cheesy garlic Lowcountry grits
Dori's fresh black bean and white corn cilantro salad
Mom's squash casserole
Ripe red and yellow tomatoes with black pepper


PJ said...

I'm salivating. What I wouldn't give for a plate of ribs and a nice glass of wine right now.

Ann said...

The food looks scrumptious, but I have to say that Dori's picture steals center stage. She looks fabulous! I can only hope that my hair grows out as cute as hers.

Ronni Gordon said...

As you know, I'm having trouble eating. Your dinner looks so great I bet I wouldn't have any trouble eating that! Dori looks great. Love the hair and especially the smile.

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

Great Blog! I have added you to my blogroll - Cancer Blog Links at www.beingcancer.net
Take care. dennis

Jim said...

Flattery will get you far, Dennis. I added your excellent resource of cancer blog links. Thanks for the resource.