Friday, May 1, 2009

Sleepless About Seattle

Last night, I planned to register online for the Seattle Marathon and buy a plane ticket. To my surprise, the race was sold out two months in advance. Insert four letter word. I had waited to sign up for several reasons - mainly work reasons and injury possibilities. But work is progressing well and I'm injury free, knock on wood.

So I'm searching for a marathon. I'm thinking about San Diego and Minneapolis in late May and Steamboat in early June, among several possibilities. But after eyeballing the calendar, I'm leaning toward a half marathon soon and the Cape Cod Marathon in October. It's relatively flat and cool, and we can stay with relatives we like a lot. Stuff to ponder.

It's Friday, and I did something tonight I rarely do - went out for a few bears with a buddy at the local pub. The night life is not for me, though some time ago it seemed otherwise. Insert Alicia Bridges song here. I did see Lindsay, a lymphoma survivor who now visits this blog from time to time. I love the word "survivor." Good to see you out and about, LC.

So Flashback fans, here's an a la carte with a few embeds at the end. Enjoy.

Billy Squier, a poor man's Mick Jagger: My Kinda Lover
Crowded House: Don't Dream It's Over
Duran Duran: Save a Prayer (A Dori favorite)
Duran Duran: A View to a Kill (One of my favorites)
Billy Idol: Eyes Without a Face
Blondie: Rapture
Blondie: Heart of Glass
U2: Beautiful Day (Dori's lovin' it)
David Bowie: China Girl (Now I'm lovin' it)

Now for some songs those vigilant Embedding Police missed.


Donna Clements said...

Sorry about Seattle... but I have heard great things about the Outer Banks Marathon (nothing like running under some light houses) and the Kiawah Island Marathon. Both are flat and fast! I also loved the Marine Corp. in DC. Good luck!

Jim said...

Thanks, Donna. I'm checking them out. Fall races in cool weather ... a good equation. What are you doing up at 2:30 in the morning, feeding a baby or something?

ChuckEastNashville said...

Jim, there is talk among my running friends about Memphis Marathon in December. Keep that race in mind: flat course, easy drive.

Just got back from Cape Cod and New England. What a scenic marathon that would be.