Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Gotta Move

I've blogged before about those runs where I feel young again. Tonight was one of those nights.

After work, I picked up K-Girl from a pool party, changed into my running clothes and headed out the door. Will asked, "How far?" I said, "Five, and I'm thinking they'll be quick."

I was right. I felt fluid from the start, as a cold front pushed through town. I could feel the air getting lighter, and my feet seemed to rejoice in response. I even told myself, "Slow down, big fella. Don't ruin it. Just run at a brisk pace." I listened to whomever was talking, running at about a 90% push. Feelin' it, but not stressing, but loving it all the way.

I ran five miles on a rolling course in a shade over 43 minutes, an 8:38/mile pace. Not super fast, but not bad in 77 degrees and 65% humidity and a fairly high dewpoint. I felt that I would have held the pace through a 10K. I thoroughly enjoyed the run.

Tonight, Dori and I watched 30 Rock, one of the few shows we try not to miss. We have debated who our favorite character is for six months. Tonight, we agreed they're all excellent.

We also caught pieces of the National Spelling Bee contest. A seventh grade girl at our kids' school won the state and advanced several rounds before bowing out. I loved watching the kids enjoy the contest. Heck, I loved watching it. Made me feel stupid, but I enjoyed it.

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Ronni Gordon said...

I love those "effortless" runs. Funny how those voices speak to us. Sometimes it's my parents calling down from heaven, saying, "Slow down, what are you trying to prove?" I always listen and do what they say!