Sunday, November 22, 2009

Humble Meb

Humility in sports seems to be a rarity these days. That's why I enjoyed this article about Meb Keflezghi, winner of the NYC Marathon.

I cross-trained today, walking with my sister Anne and her husband Stephen at Radnor Lake. Then I headed to the finish line of the Flying Monkey Marathon. With my good friend Ann, a Boston marathoner, I watched three of her girls hand out finisher's medals to exhausted runners.

I enjoyed watching my friend Jarron finish. He almost fell over at the end, finishing the very hilly couse in 4:20, a great run. I gave him a well-deserved hug for his super effort.

The Flying Monkey is a very unique race. Ann calls it a run for "fringe" marathoners. Whatever you call it, we both were excited enough to consider running it one day. The bug will bite you. She's planning on racing in Huntsville in a year, and I may join her.


PJ said...

My running obsessed oldest son knows all about Meb and was thrilled he won the NYC Marathon, but appalled at those who suggested he wasn't truly an American.

Hey, nice new pick of Dori!

Jim said...


It's amazing what some people think and say about a true American hero.