Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Now, the Waiting

Dori's biopsy is done. This one was rougher than normal because they didn't hit paydirt at first and had to go in twice. Dori endured a lot of pain and discomfort. The last day has been rough for my bride. We'll know results perhaps Friday afternoon or Monday, we're told.

Big picture, which I keep telling Dori and myself, is she is doing well. Her fever is gone and her PICC line looks great. She is eating well and staying unbelievably active through a haze of drugs and significant fatigue. She rode the bike less than two hours after they pulled marrow for her tailbone. How many guys can do that?

No caregiver likes watching this, honestly. Dori's right eye is swollen, like Rocky's. Her hair is falling out, which no woman enjoys. She has a rash on her back and stomach from an adverse drug reaction. She is wobbly from all the drugs and struggles to remember things. You get the picture. Chemo and cancer suck turnip roots.

I have relied on my son's advice ... There's no reason for anger because you can't blame anyone for this. My dream a few weeks ago, in which Chuck Hendry told me to be calm and take care of Dori, helps. Prayers for peace help. Extinguishers keep the flames at bay.

I'm blessed to have an inner circle that keeps things going for Dori, the kids and me. We'll wait for the biopsy results and get ready for the next round. Negative, clean, remission ... that would be the preference!

Here's a photo of the kids, with our dog Pepper and our nanny's puppy Joey. We're so proud of Kathryn and Will. Fittingly, when Dori powers up her new iPad, they are there to provide a motivating greeting.


Ann said...

Turnip roots do indeed suck. You and Dori will turn the stinky root veggies into some tasty mash and celebrate in the end. Hugs to you both.

PJ said...

Pulling for Dori and the Brown family. I will check in soon. Remember Dori, the hair grows back. Stay strong.

Ronni Gordon said...

Thank goodness for all the support, and for you! The whole thing definitely does suck, but it sounds like she's very strong and she'll just sail on through.