Monday, July 19, 2010

Reporting from 11 North

Tonight, I'm spending the night with Dori. She's been alone only twice (last weekend) the last 10 nights or so. Her sister Kathy was here five nights, then her Dad for a night, then me Friday night.

Dori appreciates the company because we know when to chatter and when to zip it. Close companionship isn't always about conversation. Today has been a day for chatter. Dori isn't happy she ran a 100.6 fever, and her right eye is bothering her. I'm Captain of Team Vent, and know when and how to get her to tug the steam whistle. "You're right ... It sucks. Get it out and let's not gravitate toward any pity." Unfortunately, we hold advanced degrees in Engine Cooling.

Dori hasn't been in a complain mode the last three years, or last three weeks for that matter. Today, she's just really weary of hospital crap, even though the staff continues to be helpful. She wants to be carting around our children in a van, asking about their day. Can't say I blame the thoughts. That's the goal, actually. Normalcy.

Early Saturday, I left the hospital to run with some Team In Training buddies ... Jim, Heather, Jack and others. After more than 3.5 miles, we broke off in separate groups. I ran the last half of 7.25 miles with Heather, whose mother is a multiple myeloma survivor. I enjoyed the run, my longest since April. Jim and the others finished minutes later, running between 8 and 10.

I ran another three this morning with Pepper, our great dog with an indomitable spirit. Yesterday afternoon before church, Will and I hopped on the bikes. Will loves his new mountain bike, which we purchased last week. Kathryn finally succeeded in lobbying for a cell phone. The timing for the bike and phone ... well, you know. Have at it, kids. Pedal and dial away with your friends.

I'm also reading a fair amount at night, and my Mom put out a nice spread for dinner Saturday night for Kathryn, my brother-in-law Stephen and me. I'm working full days and near full days. Do you see a pattern? Staying busy! The alternative is lousy.

It's been 19 days since Dori called me with her bad news. It seems like months ago. I remember the summer of 2007, when the concept of time disappeared. This summer is the same. Days seem shorter, because we're so busy, but weeks seem like months.


Desirea Fields said...

Jim and Dori,

Just wanted to let you both know that I carry your family in my thoughts and prayers each day. I am so thankful to have gotten to know you both and in some way wish I was still on 11 North to share in your care. I am so sorry that you're family will once again have to endure this fight. May you run straight into the battle with the knowledge you have gained from your past experiences and the amazing strength God has blessed you with.

Ronni Gordon said...

Just caught up on your posts.

You're writing beautifully about it. Good on you that you're writing, running, and, as you summarized, keeping busy. I'm sure it's good for Dori too that you're able to take care of yourself.