Monday, July 26, 2010

Time for Hans and Persistent Prayer

We learned Friday Dori's leukemia was not in remission. To say the least, this was difficult to hear, but the next 48 hours wouldn't be any easier. Dori's blood counts hit their lows, her full-body rash and right eye infection intensified, her blood pressure went very low and her fever rollercoaster went on wild swings.

Dori fell at 3 a.m. Saturday morning, but luck was with her ... somehow, she did not hit her head. During her transplant in 2007, Dori fell in the shower one morning when her blood pressure plummetted under the warm water. It was a nasty fall, one I'll never forget. We posted a 24-hour watch then, and we had posted watch when she fell early Saturday.

I knew things weren't right early Saturday evening. Dori had wondered when the intestinal issues might surface, and they did late Saturday. I stayed awake, knowing bathroom trips would be frequent and Dori would need a spotter. At 10:30 Saturday night, she completely blacked out but I was there. I caught her, and the night nurse was luckily right there too in a flash. It was 20 minutes of chaos, but we got through. I cannot tell you how awesome the staff was that night.

Late Sunday, Dori seemed to be recovering. Indeed, her counts were up this morning and her vitality, though low, is trending the right way. She is constantly itching and uncomfortable, and pain comes in waves. She is bearing a cross with uncommon grace and determination. Dori's sister Kathy and I are constant supporters, sharing whatever wisdom we can muster, reading her e-mails and CaringBridge posts ... just whatever we can do. With my sister Anne, the three of us will be on day and night watch for the foreseeable future.

We need Hans, Dori's unknown donor, in a big way. We hope he's getting busy, stirring up a graft vs. leukemia effect. Right now, more chemo is not in the cards.

Dori's leukemia is called "persistent" by her doctors, but so are the prayers around Nashville, the Southeast and our country. The outpouring of love and prayer has been phenomenal, bolstering Dori, our family and dear friends. Blessings to you all. Go, Hans, go.


Ronni Gordon said...

Go Dori go! You can do it!

How wonderful to have such great support.

The low blood counts, fevers, rashes, stomach aches and the rest are the pits. Just remember that they pass.

Summer said...

Prayers and good vibes coming your way for sure!