Tuesday, August 24, 2010

G & Ts

Dori's complete cytogenetics report is in, and we learned her marrow has no abnormalities. Great news! Donor DNA is 97%, while Dori's DNA is 3%. We'll likely receive a doctors' proposal late Friday.

I bought a hybrid bike Saturday to keep pace with Will. The bike I had been riding was too small and bad for my back. I love my new ride, a simple seven-speed that's a cross between a mountain bike and road bike.

Will and I rode 10 flat miles Saturday, 15 hilly miles Sunday morning and five tonight after dinner. I ran three with Pepper this morning, when we finally had the first true whiff of fall air. Tonight, it feels like 60 even though it's 80.

It's been fun scaling some of the challenging hills in our neighborhood. Will is getting more confident on the bike and stronger each ride. The best purchase of 2010 has been his new bike.

Speaking of scaling hills, Dori walked a mile on the treadmill today. This is a quantum leap from even last week when five minutes of uneven walking was an accomplishment. Her rash is essentially gone, as is the itching. Knee pain from the steroids also abated.

We've had some fairly feisty moments as a family the last week. My take is it's been a dash of post traumatic stress syndrome. Fighting siblings with excessive drama, crankiness, and an unfiltered comment or two. We've all had some moments, and I've been no saint.

The tonic? Actually, an overnight business trip helped. I needed some air, and so did the family. I guess the bike has been the gin.

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Ann said...

I know what a feat walking for more than five minutes can be after a long haul in the hospital. Being able to do one mile is fantastic! Great news regarding the normal cytogenetics! As always, your family is in our thoughts and prayers.