Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Our family received the news we wanted late today. Preliminary results indicate Dori's marrow shows an improving picture. We'll get flow cytometry results in a day or two, which will give a more complete picture and confirm the preliminaries. Our Caringbridge site (look left for the link) has more information.

For now, please join me in a group "phew."

The word Dori keeps using is "relief." I don't feel anything but relief. Not calm, not joy, not happiness quite yet. Just relief, like Dori. I imagine I'll let loose with tears and other emotions, but I'm probably waiting for final results before progressing. Dori already had herself a serious cry.

Dori looks great. My sister, Mom and I can't get over the rapid turnaround in Dori's energy, appetite and appearance. A few weeks ago, I was catching Dori in my arms in the darkness of our hospital room, when she blacked out several times from the teardown of chemo. Then, Dori was in awe of her appearance and condition, removing exfoliating skin to pass the time, fixated on her swollen right eye, and continually applying special lotions and cremes to soothe her aching, purple and rashing skin. She ate little, doing well to consume a third of her normal diet. Did I leave out anything? You had to be there. Be glad you weren't.

Thankfully, Dori was surrounded by the A Team. My Mom, sister Anne, Dori's sister Kathy and several close friends stood watch when I wasn't there. Collectively, with the help of great staff, and I mean great, we helped Dori pass a major test. But Dori had to do the hard work. We just had to do what we could and we watched in awe.

It would appear we will advance to the next round. Clarity will arrive when it arrives. Until then, please join me as I toss back a glass of our finest.