Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hot Tomato

This afternoon's heat index was 109 degrees. And like A Flock of Seagulls, the stupid kind, I ran.

Flushed and hot at mile two, despite working frozen water over my neck and forehead, I altered my plans. My six miler became a combo run-hike, amounting to four miles. The heat wave is supposed to break soon - and it better - before my language deteriorates.

Dori has had some good days. This morning, she woke early to make waffles. Will was fired up ... he loves his Mom's waffles. Kathryn went with my wonderful Mom and sister Anne to the infamous East Nashville Tomato Art Festival. Anne sent the following picture of Mom, which she titled appropriately, "Hot Tomato."

Our good friend and Will's godfather Al stopped by this morning for a visit, while our good friend Kathy dropped off dinner this afternoon. Dori is eating well and looking better every day. Her counts are good, and she's smiling and sounding like Dori. A few weeks ago seem like years ago. Time does funny things when you're pointing a ship through a hurricane.

Dori's bone marrow biopsy is scheduled for Tuesday morning. Until then, we're chillin' in the steamin' stew that's known as the Deep South in August. We are LOVING the break.

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