Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back to Work

After more than four months away, Dori returned to work today. When she walked into loan committee, 20 bankers stopped talking, stood up and welcomed back their co-worker with applause. I love that bank.

Dori put in three hours today and will do the same tomorrow. I've all but begged her to take it slow and ease into a new routine. Next week, she'll work four-hour days Monday through Thursday, another gradual step to normalcy.

I also love that about a half dozen people have told me they stop daily now to hug their loved ones, something we encouraged in a recent CaringBridge post. Hugs work, y'all, down here and up north!

I blew off a morning run and slept in this morning. Tomorrow, I plan to rid myself of guilt and pound pavement, dog in front.


Ann said...

Jim, some days you just have to blow off running and stay in bed. I'm so happy for Dori!

Jim said...

Ann, you are right, but not this morning! Pepper and I had a great run at dawn. Dori looks and feels good, which is a blessing. We are keeping you and Chris in our prayers. Keep up the great work! Jim