Monday, November 29, 2010

Just The Boys

Dori started Vidaza, Round 3, today. Her counts look very good. White and red blood cell counts are steady, and platelets jumped to 238. She doesn't have to go back for labs until the end of December. She returns Tuesday through Friday to receive more Vidaza.

Will and I spent the weekend at Charit Creek Lodge in the Big South Fork last weekend with two buddies and their Dads. This was my third time to Charit Creek, the first with Dori on a day hike about 14 years ago and last year with Kathryn.

The three men and three boys hiked through gorges, across cold mountain streams and to spectacular overlooks. We went over and around rock formations like the Twin Arches and other formations that have been eroding for more than 300 million years.

We built a bonfire and ate Southern fare. The Dads enjoyed some local wine and extra sharp cheddar cheese, while the boys caught crawdads and explored the area with refreshing curiosity. We simply had a grand time.

Evaporating frost

Father and son

Rock hopping

South Arch, Twin Arches

Young outdoorsman

Proudly rooted

Hiking fraternity

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PJ said...

Sounds like an awesome trip. The photos are beautiful. Will looks more and more grown up.

I hope that Dori's vidaza round goes well and she remains healthy. I loved that photo taken on Thanksgiving.