Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time for a Recharge

Dori is watching her favorite show, 30 Rock. I'm a fan, but am dedicating a free moment to get off a log and blog. I haven't been blogging much, compared to when I initiated this project. I seem to have less time these days. Where does it go?

After two good weeks of running, I've been a complete slug. The one day I ran this week, Pepper pulled me through the neighborhood like a rag doll. My tank was empty, so I stopped after 1.5 and walked our canine Chris Farley home. I wasn't in the mood for his best Matt Foley.

I've hit a lull, after several pain-free, mostly fun runs, especially last Saturday. I'm going to set the alarm and give it a whirl in the morning. It's cold tonight, the kind of weather I like. Maybe I'll also bike this weekend and enjoy some countryside and brisk air.

Dori's pain from the port has slowly subsided. She's not a whiner, but I know she's been bothered by the incision. I sincerely wish, on a fairly regular basis, that I could share some of her physical burden and let her rest.

Some folks told me tonight at Will's basketball practice that Dori continues to inspire them. I see their sincerity. With equal sincerity, I share how much we appreciate them. These friends lift us up, with prayer, cards, dinners and smiles. These moments matter to me.

I am in awe of my wife, which you know. No woman has more grace and goodness than Dori. When I reflect, as I am now, it enables me to get out of the daily grind, take inventory, go big picture again, and renew personal commitments. Like a snake sheds its skin, it's time for a change.

So early tomorrow, I'll run.

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Ann said...

You both have so much grace in the face of it all that I am continually inspired.