Sunday, November 7, 2010

Feng Shui

Moving around makes life better.

Yesterday, I biked hills for about 40 minutes, working the heart before settling in to watch college football. I purposefully avoided watching my alma mater. What Vanderbilt plays these days isn't college football. Pee Wee football, maybe.

Otherwise, I enjoyed it, before capping the night watching Rocky II with the kids. I couldn't help but identify with Rocky staying by Adrian in the hospital. When Rocky's trainer Mickey quit barking temporarily to stand by Rocky, it crossed my mind that ole Mick might as well have been our family and friends rolled into one character.

This morning, I took Pepper to Percy Warner Park for the 5.8-mile loop. Dori wondered if the distance and hills would be "too much for Schnoogie," Kathryn's nickname for Pepper. Looking just as strong at the end as when he started, Pepper answered any doubts. He's just a great dog with great spirit. I feel like the week, with an extra hour in the bank from daylight savings and the good exercise, is off to the right start.

Dori's energy level is improving even more. Yesterday, she walked 3.2 miles with our friend Renee at PWP, then proceeded to clean and situate our house like I've never seen her do. Our small bathroom seems bigger, and the living and dining rooms are looking sharp. Feng shui has always been fun to say, and now experience.

She said something this morning, as she was moving things around, that caught my attention. "Things are supposed to come in threes," some sort of decorating tip. I said, yes, but not relapses. "That's right! Excellent!" she said. And that's all I'm saying about that.

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