Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting Strong, Girl

Mother and son enjoy the outdoors.

On Saturday with our favorite cancer survivor, Will and I experienced a memorable six-mile hike. We explored the Savage Gulf State Natural Area, perhaps my favorite spot in our home state.

Dori and my Mom decided to join us for two of the six miles, but at the turnaround Dori said, "I can do the whole thing. I feel good." So off we went, with Pepper on point. My Mom headed back to our cabin where we were staying for the weekend and celebrating an early Thanksgiving.

I wondered if this was a good idea. Dori has been improving, but six miles into remote wilderness? ... Ahh, what the hell?

We left the Stone Door and started skirting the cavernous Big Creek Gulf along the Big Creek Rim Trail. The views over 800-foot dropoffs were spectacular, even a few weeks past peak fall colors. Dori wasn't keen to staying near some of the more exposed points on the trail, given that her balance isn't 100%. She enjoyed the views in her spots of choice.

Near Mile 5, I could tell Dori was tiring. I said we should slow down. So what did she do? She charged up the only major hill, more defiant than determined. She pushed hard. Near the end, I reached for her hand, more to slow her down. She declined. I said, "Sweetie, you're getting a little wobbly." She kept walking. I said, "Please stop now." She listened, rested and we finished the last few hundred yards.

She did great. It takes a little attitude to do what she did.

We believe in our Creator around this corner of the Web. We continue to thank Him for this past weekend, during which we saw the sights you see below and heard not a peep but for our own pitter-patter on the trail.

"Look at this view, Mom."

"I'm ready when you are, big fella."

Good advice.

She was sitting on a log, if you must ask.

Looking down Big Creek Gulf.

"Now I see why Aunt Anne likes painting."

Restful reader.


Ann said...

Chris has had to ask me to slow down a few times too, but I can identify with what's pushing Dori. Sometimes we just can't help it. Thanks for sharing your pictures. It's gorgeous in your neck of the woods.

PJ said...

A wonderful post! Dori, keep that tenacity going. It's served you well up to now.