Friday, January 18, 2008

Day 100 is Here!

Just a quick post before I head to work ... Today is Day 100 for Dori post bone marrow transplant. We will celebrate tonight at my Mom's and again tomorrow with some delicious winter food from Margot Cafe in East Nashville.

Dori called me yesterday morning, just ecstatic. She had received her bone marrow biopsy results from Tuesday, which showed she's negative for leukemia. I was very jazzed, but not as much as she was at that moment. She was emotional, much like I was on Sunday. Strangely or perhaps not strangely, I already knew the good news was coming, though it was very good to hear confirmation. I will continue to pray every night that my bride never has to battle leukemia again. All of this is still so humbling.

I tried to do a run for Dori this morning, but my back is in bad shape. I have some pain from a four-miler on the road earlier this week. So I bundled up early and took Pepper for a short walk. People drive very fast at 5:30 in the morning. Folks on Harding Place were doing up to 65 mph. Sheesh. Total run-walk mileage this week: 18 miles.

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