Friday, January 11, 2008

'I Believe in Angels'

I'm having one of those enjoyable nights, after a rapid-fire week of a good week at work, running kids to and from school, grocery shopping, errands, late-night meetings and an early morning run. I'm flat-out enjoying right now, especially after an e-mail I received about 15 minutes ago. Bear with me ...

So I've got an ale in hand and am listening to some 80s music. More specifically, I'm replaying my iMix from the Virginia Beach Half Marathon, which would stoke any runner (or lover of the Decade of Big Hair, synthesizer and cheesy videos). It's bringing back some memories of that Run for Dori - the actual run, the support of my friends Dan and Dave, my incredible sister Anne, details of the entire trip, and mostly, the fight of my precious wife.

So as I'm listening to this great music and thinking, "What are my top bands from the 80s?" ... I receive a CaringBridge notification e-mail from my friend Beth Fortune, whose courageous Mom is battling a brain tumor ( They've been through it, just like Dori and our family. After a few rough months, Beth has informed us her Mom's tumor is shrinking and the treatments look like they're working. She's in pump-fist mode right now, and I can relate. While I was reading her e-mail and CaringBridge post, I was listening to ABBA's "I Believe in Angels." There are no coincidences, folks. I am so happy for Beth and her family.

OK, so what are my top 80s bands? No, not Rockwell (Somebody's Watching Me). It's pretty easy, in fact, so here you go:

Dire Straits - Of course.
The Dream Academy - Shame, shame, shame on them for not making more music.
Haircut 100 - All you need is a pig roasting over a beach BBQ pit and a few good friends.
The Fixx - Saved by Zero? Red Skies? Stand or Fall? The Sign of Fire? C'mon!
Pet Shop Boys - There's no better way to start a Friday night party when you're 20, single and looking for trouble.
Tears for Fears - All of it, not just the Top 40 hits.
Simple Minds - Ditto ... an extensive library of tunage.
The Police - I was hooked after watching the Ghost in the Machine tour in 1981.
Run DMC - Can't help myself when I hear those boys belt out stuff like: "Funky fresh, cold yes and on my feet. With no shoe strings in em, I did not win em, I bought em off the alley with my black feet in em! My Adidas!"

Speaking of shoes, this weekend is tailor-made for running. Sunday has long run written all over it. I ran 3.7 miles this morning to close out the week for a total of 15 miles.

Alright, blog friends ... let's hear who your fav 80s bands are with some commentary!


Summer said...

Heart was the first group that came to my mind. They were the first group that I ever saw live, and those women still rock!!!

lcreekmo said...

I was a huge Cars fan. Also Huey Lewis and the News. And the Eurythmics. And Springsteen and Billy Joel though they're not really bands.

I love most of the ones you listed too.

Jim said...

The Wilson girls have great voices. I also love The Cars, and Huey and Annie Lennox have some very good songs.