Sunday, January 6, 2008


This weekend has been nice, just putzing around. Is that a real word? The kids had basketball games yesterday. Kathryn's team lost by a point, while Will's team showed some grit in their first game, losing 30-19. Will had four points and showed a nice crossover move he learned in the backyard!

We had a good laugh this morning while watching the Sunday political shows. One candidate used the word "change" at least six times in a few sentences, which reminded me of the bank commercial on Saturday Night Live about 15 years ago. It went something like this:

"We can make change for a dollar ... we can give you 20 nickels. Or you might need 10 dimes. Perhaps the change you want is four quarters or even a hundred pennies. Nothing is too difficult because that's just what we do."

Just found the commercial here. I was close enough on my rendition. Man, I miss Phil Hartman.

Dori liked my stab, and not just because she's a banker. The kids liked it because they like when Mommy laughs, which she's doing more every day. She really sounds like herself again, and she's eating great again. She had TWO helpings of hash browns yesterday morning. She's a treadmill queen and her hair continues to grow. She's on the treadmill now listening to Nickel Creek. There's the nickel thing again!

I had a good run yesterday afternoon - 5.5 miles over moderate terrain. I took the backroads to Franklin Road, ran through the grounds of First Presbyterian Church and back down Tyne Blvd. I listened to a new Pure 80s mix on my iPod, which included The Fixx, Information Society, David Bowie, Simple Minds and other goodies. My time was 49:30, or a respectable 9:00 pace. I'm gonna run again today, listening to the rest of the new mix, before a busy afternoon and the upcoming busy week. The Babys, INXS, Duran Duran and Pet Shop Boys ... you're next. I think I'll take Pepper, who I'll need to awaken from what looks like a very peaceful nap.

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lcreekmo said...

Hahah that's an awesome clip.