Friday, January 18, 2008

Dori the 'Warrior'

Dori's heartfelt post on CaringBridge has evoked nearly 40 responses today. Some told me they shed a tear or two when they read her words.

One post from our friend Melissa Red really captured how I feel about my wife. I want it forever on this blog, so I'll post it for posterity's sake in a second. But Melissa is one of those people Dori mentioned in her post. She was one of five very special women who called us almost immediately in June to offer to be our "Mother Hen" (meal coordinator, etc.). We probably knew her the least of the five, but we always knew we liked her and she was special. Man, were we right! I found out later last summer Melissa had a big role in the dramatic rebuilding of a beautiful church here in Nashville that was burned by an arsonist. In her spare time, she's probably setting up a foundation to cure all 250 cancers.

We're off to my Mom's for a celebration dinner, so here's Melissa's special tribute to Dori the Warrior:

FRIDAY, JANUARY 18, 2008 10:03 AM, CST


It's so hard to find the right words to convey all of my feelings for the 100 day news that you and all of us have hoped and prayed for for you. It's been such a journey for you and Jim and the kids and your families. A journey you'd never have volunteered for and didn't have any time to prepare for. (I remember my shock and fear getting Jim's first e-mail about your diagnosis and just sitting at our neighborhood pool that next hour or so trying to comprehend the news.)

I've watched you hold tight to your dignity and grace and strength.........and fight like hell against this unwelcome disease. And also to let an ever widening circle of family, and friends of family, and friends, and friends of friends, and fellow cancer 'soldiers,' and their loved ones surround you on your journey. It's been beautiful to watch this and heartbreaking to know what you've had to endure. You've never been more than an hour or two off of my mind and I know I do not hold that designation alone. You know more than most of us, the real value of this life that we are living. And, you've helped me live more intentionally and openly and appreciatively these last 7 months. Thank you for that.

As you continue to get on with the business of enjoying life, I hope you'll continue to feel and to know all of the love that is surrounding you from all of those who love you and whose lives you've touched by sharing yourself and your journey.

Much love to one of the greatest 'warriors' I know.


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