Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Impetus to Run

A few days ago, our dog Pepper, who is prone to the occasional high-energy fit, ran by Dori and scratched her foot. Dori cleaned and treated the wound immediately. The good news is the significant scratch looks like it's healing up well. Dori says she continues to feel good and she's eating well.

So why did I enter Saturday's half marathon? Here are a few reasons, besides the weather looking like it will be decent:

1. Dori
2. Dori
3. Dori
4. To honor the fight and spirit of Robin Groff
5. Our friends, Chuck, Tammy, Candy, Kim and others, and their families
6. My friend, Beth, her Mom, Becky, and their family
7. The successful lobbying by two children I love
8. The idea of running for fun and not to raise money
9. The possibility of running 13.1 with a friend and no iPod
10. Leukemia pisses me off.

Our good friend, Ann DeNunzio, ran a super Boston Marathon yesterday. Her husband, Al, reports her 3:47 time (8:41/mile pace) beats her previous Boston best by 10 minutes. Ann ran the last few miles for Dori, picking up her pace at the end after three miles of torturous hills in the 18-21 mile range. Ann smoked a few impressive local runners who are younger than her. Ann, you are an amazing, inspiring chick with a lot of heart.

Lance Armstrong said yesterday running a marathon is a lot harder than racing a bike. The equation is three hard hours on the bike is the same as one hard hour on the road. Lance ran a 2:50 Boston Marathon. The men's winner ran a 2:07, while the women's winner ran a 2:25. All of those times are super-fast.

I snuck in a run Monday morning at 4:30. The six-miler was intentionally slow. My only company on the road was a Purity milk truck, a local newspaper van and the sound of braking trains the other side of a fairly quiet interstate. My last pre-race run, an easy four-miler, will be tomorrow afternoon. I'll probably do the middle part of it at race pace.

Nutrition and rest are important this week. I'm grading out at a B-plus so far. Breakfast has included mango juice, dried mangos, bagels and raisins, with lots of bananas and oatmeal on deck. Lunch has been a chicken sandwich yesterday and a semi-hiccup in BBQ with beans today. Snacks have been Clif bars, fig newtons, a banana and Gatorade. Dinner has been hummus and pita chips to start, with pasta and fresh tomatoes last night and tonight's fresh ravioli, walnuts and sundried tomatoes. I slept great last night - nine hours. More good rest is needed.


pj said...

Good luck in the race! You've got lots of compelling reasons to run it. I'm toying with the idea of entering a 5k this Saturday, a local memorial race for ALS. Just not sure if I could handle the crowd, microbe-wise. My boys will run it, so I can always cheer them on. Your food report made me hungry ...

Jim said...


If you feel up to it, I hope you run the 5K. Wow, that would be amazing so soon after what you've been through. You'll be fine with the germ thing. You've conquered one Beast; that one will be a piece of cake. Good luck, and we'll be thinking of you.

I remember days in the hospital when Dori couldn't walk but a few laps on the hospital floor and sometimes couldn't walk any. Now she's doing a few two-mile walks a week. All of it brings a smile to my face.