Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where Did That Come From?

It was a good exercise day for the Browns. Dori walked two undulating miles. The kids played basketball for a long time. And I ran tonight after work like a 30-year-old.

Dori called me three times today, once after making a big batch of pesto, again after her long walk and late today when I was stuck at work. I slept OK last night and felt I needed to run tonight since bad weather is on the way (again). After a good stretch, I put the iPod on shuffle, then shuffled my rump out the door for a 5.5-mile out and back.

I felt good early, unlike the Tuesday morning run when apparently one of the kids put kryptonite pebbles in my running shorts. I reached Mile One in 8:30. Even though it was warm (about 80), the stiff breeze was refreshing. The humidity and dew point were up, too, but it wasn't oppressive. I clocked in at 23:45 at the 2.75-mile turnaround. I set a goal for sub-47:00.

Some of my favorites popped up on the iPod (Trouble by Lindsey Buckingham and The Reflex by Duran Duran). I still felt under control at 4 miles and again at 5. I wasn't pushing it too hard. My heart rate felt under control ... I was probably running at 85% of my current threshold. It was a good feeling, especially since this evening is probably the first warm one we've had since October. As I neared home, I picked up the pace the last quarter mile. I clocked in at 46:59, an 8:32 pace. The gameplan is to run a long one Saturday (it's supposed to be cool) and assess fitness and attitude for the CMHM.

My sister Anne turns 39 this weekend, and we'll celebrate at Mom's. That's always a great time ... good food and beverages, good jokes (and bad ones) and wonderful family.

Please continue to pray for Beth Fortune's Mom, Becky, and their family. Becky has had a rough go of late. We're also following a leukemia patient in Houston who has touched Dori (and me). Please pray for Robin Groff, who is battling AML, and her young family. She's another very good reason to support LLS and get on the NMDP registry. Her courage and honesty is model. Her Jan. 13 entry, found in Chronology/Updates, about her donor is simply remarkable.

There is so much evidence in our world that we should continually give thanks, make the best of every day and go make a difference. Dori is one example; a girl named Robin who we don't know personally is another.

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Renee Brown said...

Happy Birthday to Anne. I always remember Anne was born right after Michael.

Laura runs the half marathon tomorrow morning at Bear Mountain, New York.

We'll be up there to congratulate her on her finishing the run.

Best wishes to all of you. We Love hearing all the good news.