Friday, April 4, 2008

Very Good Blood Counts

Dori's visit at the clinic went very well yesterday. I think she's going to do a detailed CaringBridge later today. Her white blood cell and platelet counts are now "normal," and her PCV (red blood cell indicator) is near normal. WBC is 4.1, platelets at 137 and PCV at 34 ... all much higher than a few weeks ago. So I guess we're moving to Florida! Clearly, last week's trip, full of sleep and food, was rejuvenating.

Dori gained six pounds the last two weeks, the staff told her not to come back for four weeks and she will taper off cyclosporine fully on Sunday. We celebrated last night by going to Mafiaoza's Italian Restaurant, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. We talked with the kids about how last year's prayers for Mom were prayers of need; this year's prayers are prayers of thanks and her continued recovery. All of us are doing a good job, I think, of keeping the highs in check, just like we usually did with the lows. So no reason to deviate.

Please keep our other friends who we've mentioned on this blog in your prayers. I'll give a more detailed update about this special week later ... for now, I better wake up some kids.

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Summer said...

I love getting to see words like "normal" and "gain" when you write. Excellent.