Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring is Here

Today's run went pretty well. I ran 7.8 miles in and out of Radnor Lake State Natural Area in 1:13:26, or a 9:24/mile pace. I took it easy, walking a few hundred yards to fuel at 5.5 miles, before going at it again. I ran a decent last mile, probably around 8:20.

Radnor Lake, as you would expect, was packed. Cars overflowed the lot, which only a few weeks ago was half full. When I ran around lunchtime, it was perfect - high 60s and low humidity - but maybe a little warm for runners with the bright sun. The activity in Radnor is one indication spring has arrived. Others of note: Our son played outside all day, mostly with a basketball or baseball in hand. A monarch butterfly ran a few hundred yards with me along the lake. Pepper panted hard on his afternoon walk. Everything in our yard is either light green, purple or yellow. You get the drift - Old Man Winter is toast.

It's looking like I'm going to run in the Nike Women's Marathon or Half Marathon in San Francisco on October 19, a Sunday. The race attracts 20,000 runners, all but 500 of whom are women. The race is a prime fundraising event for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society; last year, LLS fundraisers brought in more than $18.5 million to help find cures for blood cancers and bolster support programs. My goal is to raise a lot of money ... TBD on where I'll set the bar, but I certainly hope we can surpass last year's $25,000. Let the jokes begin, I guess, about running with 19,500 women. That's OK ... Hans already has had his way with my wife, "shacking up" back in October. That's a term that needed some dusting off ... I hadn't used since college. I did use the term "mugging" the other day ... it's been too long, however, to have flashbacks. Just glad I remembered the terms.

My thought process right now is for Dori and I to stay over a few days after the race so we can enjoy the Wine Country and San Francisco restaurants. That means I probably should just run the half. We could arrive early to enjoy ourselves, but that messes with pre-race nutrition and resting. Yes, I guess the half seems more appropriate, but I'm not 100% there with that decision.

Our friend, Ann, will run the Boston Marathon in a few weeks. Isn't it crazy that 40 years ago race organizers wouldn't let women run that race? Ann is fast and is shooting for a 3:45:00 to 3:50:00. Good luck, AD. Go kick some butt.

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