Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Radnor Visits in Spring

I've always admired the beauty of nature. Yesterday, the kids and I walked three miles at Radnor Lake with Pepper. Kathryn and I talked about all the pretty things we saw - mostly flowers, seven deer drinking from the lake and caterpillars - while frog-crazy Will spotted a turtle in a creek. The blooms in late April are impressive.

Today after work, I took Pepper back to Radnor. The plan was a short, slow run - about four miles. Glad that was the plan because my engine's running like a 1987 Renault Alliance. I know because I owned one when I was living on restaurant tips 20 years ago. The French make great cheese. Cars, not so much.

I did enjoy the run. The weather in Nashville is outstanding - low 70s, low humidity, light breezes. Come late July and August, we will be getting our punishment. Pepper and I cruised over 10:00/mile, passing many dogs. Pepper and a mixed puppy named Toby seemed to strike up a great, though brief, friendship.

Dori goes for her monthly clinic visit tomorrow. She's a little apprehensive. Can't blame her, but all of this is in God's hands. I pray every day for the obvious. I want my girl with us for a very long time.

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