Wednesday, September 10, 2008

23,000 Big Macs

Dori woke up this morning still sore from the bone marrow biopsy. I called her at lunch to check in. She asked me to repeat everything her nurse practitioner said yesterday after she woke up from the procedure. She just couldn't remember anything. How could she after getting the cocktail Betsy the Bartender gave her?

Dori is at Vanderbilt right now planning a bone marrow drive with students. I'll share the scoop when I know something.

Gilda's Club last night went well. I like it and the kids seem into it so far. Dori will join us again next week. It takes a lot of energy to hear the stories of others who are battling cancer. Normally more of a talker, I've been more of a listener the first two weeks. I simply want to hear what others are dealing with; so far, it's some of the same stuff we're dealing with.

I read this today, and all I could think was "tick, tick, tick, tick ... ." At least he walks 10 miles a day, but can you imagine what his arteries look like after 23,000 Big Macs?

Tonight's four-mile run went fine. I'm fighting a sore throat, lower energy and a stiff back. I couldn't touch my toes this morning, which I normally do with ease. It was one of those runs you just do. After a half mile, the back loosened up, which made things easier. Final time: 37:30, a 9:22/mile pace in 85 degrees. A cold front is poised to blast through Tennessee after the weekend, and I can't wait ... running is so much more fun in cooler, drier weather.

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