Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quick Hits

OK, three friends have sent me this video link today about Nashville's gas crisis. It's laugh-out-loud funny and PG, so move on if bad language offends you. If it does, you're missing out on a belly ache.

On last weekend's drive down the Natchez Trace, I rediscovered a song on a Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder CD that didn't mean much to me a few years ago. Written by Mac McAnally, the touching song revisits the journey of Mac's grandmother who was dying from leukemia. I shared the Ricky Skaggs version the other day with Dori; here's an older version.

Here's another good follow-up from Paige about the cord blood donation process. Thanks again, Paige, for sharing your experience and being an activist:

" ... This issue makes my head spin because on one hand an organized banking system makes so much sense (and it's easy to explain to people), but on the other hand, does it start with doctors, hospitals, a federal effort or regional, or with building more cord blood banks? Squeaky wheel is all I know to do, and I plan to make [the hospital in which she delivered] my first target. With more than 7,000 babies delivered per year and considering the hospital's interest in providing top-notch l&d services, the hospital surely could help make increased donation a reality. At the very least, I plan to write a letter. Beyond that, I have a couple of connections with the hospital chain's administrative folks."

Now love on that baby girl!

Our family continues to go through a good Gilda's Club program. Tonight, the kids asked oncology nurses questions about cancer, while the parents attended their separate program. We are learning a lot about dealing with things and sharing experiences with others that are helpful.

Running went fine last night (five miles at Radnor in 47:20) and this morning (four untimed miles). On last night's warm run, I ran slowly the first 3.25 miles, but clicked along at an 8:30/mile pace the last 1.75.

It's getting close to new shoes time ... Total mileage since training began in June is 361 miles. My current pair is still doing the trick, but I like to buy a new pair about 2-3 weeks before a race. New running shoes feel so good the first few weeks. Your legs and feet simply say, "Thank you." I donate used pairs to the homeless through the local running store and hope you fellow runners do, too. I'm sure many have said "thank you" to us.


PJ said...

I've never set foot in Nashville (my bad) but the "no gas" video sure made me laugh.

Jim said...

Glad you enjoyed and c'mon down ... we'll show a 5K rockstar and her family a good time.