Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dore Talk

My Commodores are 2-0 and on top of the SEC East standings. Check it out. I'm not kidding. Sure, it's early and I've been known to chug the kool-aid. We may have more injuries, start playing poorly or just get a run of bad luck. But the following statement from QB Chris Nickson is encouraging:

"Actually the biggest thing I saw that is different is the team chemistry of the players," Nickson said. "In the offseason, our captains were basically just leaders, picking up freshmen and doing things with them that we've never done before. We were without groups and cliques. Everybody was together. Guys took it upon themselves to make others feel comfortable, accepted, to really generally care about what's going on in the other guy's life."

Dori's back, encouraged by her meeting with three VU students who are planning a bone marrow drive in March. One is a male AML survivor, another is an Asian-American studying to be a doctor and the third is a member of Dori's sorority. Last year, 500 people registered on the NMDP through a similar on-campus effort. Dori has a list of ideas they'll be sorting through to get people out to register. Last year, the gals showed up while the boys weren't as engaged. Maybe we should have cold beer available.

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