Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Paper Delivery

Monday, I ran seven miles, taking Chuck's advice to head into the wind the first half and run downwind the second half. Despite the 26 degree weather, I had to shed clothing, gloves and my hat the last 3.5.

This morning, I didn't shed anything on a three-mile run in 15 degrees. It was cold, but I felt fine after the first half mile. The wind was light on this beautiful morning. The stars and moon beamed.

If I run a certain part of the neighborhood between 5 and 5:30, I usually see Newspaper Guy. A young man, Newspaper Guy drives a beat-up car. His car's hazard lights always are flashing, and his driver's side window, no matter what the temperature, is always down. He has never failed to say "hello" between throws, which he delivers with enthusiasm.

The first time he bellowed his welcome threw me off. A blaring HELLO! at 5:15 can be startling. Now I like it. Newspaper Guy is part of my routine. I'm off to the rest of routine; I hope yours is as productive as I'm planning mine to be.

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