Tuesday, January 27, 2009

School Spirit

Today was a very good day.

After a productive morning at work, I headed to the kids' school after lunch to play basketball on the Parent's Team vs. the 7th/8th Grade Team. Kathryn, Will and 250 other kids and faculty jammed the raucous gym for Spirit Day! It was louder sometimes than a wild NCAA game, which made the atmosphere great, albeit at a higher pitch! There was more shreeking than cheering, but the Beatles weren't playing.

This was my second year playing in this game. The moms started against the girls' team, and then the dads came in later to square off against the boys' team. I felt really good today, like I was in my 20s. Our group passed the ball unselfishly for easy shots and had some instant chemisty. Playing was a ton of fun!

Will brought a sign that said "Hello Daddy!" with a picture of a frog ... he loves frogs. Kathryn and her friends cheered for the old folks, and it didn't seem to be out of pity. Both Kathryn and Will were recognized at halftime for playing on their teams.

I enjoyed a few other things, including answering the question "How is Dori doing?" Not getting overly winded was cool, as was playing in front of the 3rd-4th grade team I coach. I had to show I could use fundamentals in a game, and that went fine! Passing, boxing out, taking good shots, hustling down the court ... all the things I preach to the boys in practice.

Dori shared with me that she recently visited the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society board. There, she found a 26-year-old East Tennessee mother named Kara who is seven days into a bone marrow transplant at Vanderbilt. Dori is going to see her Thursday, when she's at VUMC for a scheduled clinic visit.

If you would like to follow Kara on her blog, which links to Ann's Fight by the way, feel free. You have our prayers, Lee family.

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