Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eight-Hour 'Run'

For some, Saturdays are a day to stop or brake. Not around here.

This morning, the TNT-ers showed bright and early for a six-miler. I joined Coach Carey, Catherine and Krystal for some 9:15/minute miles. We learned Krystal's father-in-law is battling leukemia. The miles flew by as we talked. This morning's 35 degrees felt like 75 after the last few weekend runs.

After the run, I headed to the gym to coach Will's team and to watch Kathryn's team. Will and his buddies lost in a thriller, but not before a furious rally. Down 18-10 with four minutes remaining, Will scored seven points, including his first three pointer. As the gym went bonkers, Will rebounded a teammate's missed free throw and put up two quick put backs that almost went in before the buzzer. They didn't. We lost, 18-17. I was so proud of our guys. They are fighters. Kathryn's team showed some improvement, but lost 16-13. They also rallied at the end. Great morning!

Dori is out of town at a wedding, but we bought a "new" car for her ... a 2004 Honda Odyssey EX. We don't buy new cars because we can't stand the premium loss. After polishing off some healthy, tasty burritos, we finally settled in about an hour ago.


If you ever need to know how to pack eight hours full of activity, give me a shout.

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PJ said...

As they say, these are the good-old days. Hope Dori likes her gift.