Friday, January 22, 2010


This week passed quickly. Active minds and bodies are a good thing. My running was so-so, as I seemed to be fighting a minor bug. Percy Warner Park kicked my behind on MLK Day. We run eight tomorrow.

Dori has a new car and a new job, working as a credit analyst at a small bank. She seems to be liking both a lot. We're all enjoying the transition and adjusting well. Kathryn finished fourth in her school in the spelling bee contest, a very good showing. Will's birthday is tomorrow, and we're ready to celebrate. My work is good.

Blessings counted, here are some 70s blasts from the past, but first a photo of Dori, with her lovely sister Kathy, from her best friend's wedding last weekend.

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PJ said...

First of all, Dori looks luminous. Second, Will and I share a birthday!