Saturday, January 2, 2010

Not Feeling The Cold

An arctic front blasted through Tennessee yesterday, setting the table for at least a week of bone-chilling running. Our Team In Training Crew assembled at 6:45 this morning, joking about what we were about to do, which was to run in 15 degrees with a two degree wind chill.

Martha, a 60-year-old one-year lymphoma survivor, delivered our Mission Moment. When she started, her teammates were moving to stay warm and probably dreading any story over a minute. Five minutes later, they were perfectly still, in awe of what she's endured.

Martha lost her husband and father to cancer, as well as other loved ones, in recent years. She missed her father's funeral because she was in the hospital fighting blood cancer. Her sons were pallbearers the same day she had her head shaved. Other parts of her story are similar.

Martha is petite, but strong people often come in smaller packages. Today, she joined the intermediate group and cranked out six miles, hanging with us quite well. You don't feel the cold much when you're surrounded by such strength. Ted, a two-time marthoner who is getting back in shape after a long layoff, also ran hard, pushing himself the last mile. So did Catherine, who is making great strides each week with her fitness.

We have a small group, but they're determined and great to be around. A few teammates who stayed in bed this morning will never know what they missed. Afterwards, several teammates went to Starbucks and pounded warm drinks, revelling in the accomplishment and forecasting the coming weeks and months.

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Ronni Gordon said...

Sounds like you have a great group. To everyone who ran, especially Martha, Way to Go!