Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mass Hysteria

The kids' school has been closed today, and there's not a flake in the air or on the ground. The TV people are going loopy about the dusting some places are seeing. It's cheap comedy.

I, for one, am hoping we get snow later today so the kids can play in it. Some of my best memories are sledding down the hill along Chickering Road, going airborne on my sled. I do love how snow acts as a natural muffler, absorbing sounds and creating near-tranquility.

Running Tuesday morning was most interesting. It was 12 degrees with a wind chill of 3. I wore two hats and two pairs of gloves, but I was still cold for most of my four-miler. I also never loosened up, in part because of the weather and also because of six "suicides" I did at Will's basketball practice. Great speed work, older body.

Last night's three-miler was better. It was quite comfortable at 29. Saturday's eight-miler? It's supposed to be 9 with a negative wind chill.

Dori volunteered at the Vanderbilt Clinic earlier this week for a bone marrow drive. I set out Team In Training brochures at a local restaurant and will be dropping at other spots. The activism is a part of our lives, as you know. We owe it to folks. It's a payoff to those dedicated soldiers before us and an investment in those who will be up against what PJ calls "the beast."

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PJ said...

I thought TN was supposed to have a milder climate than RI. You are brave to run in those temps.

Bravo on the volunteer efforts. You summed up why I'm writing my book--we have to keep passing along the inspiration so others can get through the ordeal.