Sunday, January 10, 2010

Eleven Days Running

Some of you might be impressed that about 30 Team In Training Teammates ran yesterday morning in 15 degrees. Yes, it was cold, but not so bad once we were moving.

In my mind, what's more impressive is that my wife, a blood cancer survivor, has run 11 straight days on the treadmill, a great gift from a friend. She's been finishing her runs with weights. She looks and feels great. People ask me often how she's doing. I am fortunate I get to share the answer I do.

Yesterday's TNT eight-miler was along the scenic Grassland course in northern Williamson County. It's about a mile-plus of subdivision, then two miles of wonderful farms and pasture before you skirt the Harpeth River along the historic Old Natchez Road. We ran amid flurries into a cold but light northwest wind. We avoided ice patches and took it easy on pace. We managed one steep hill before Mile 5, then cruised home downwind. Our regulated bodies cooled down quickly, so we didn't hang around outside. Instead, several headed to the local coffeehouse for a well deserved treat.

Two teammates set distance records. It was my longest run since the Cape Cod Marathon in late October. And still, with all due respect, Dori's feat is much more impressive.

Here's another important reason to be on the bone marrow donor list. Be sure you are and spread the word, please.

Here are some photos from yesterday's run, compliments of Coach Carey.

Mark, Master of the Mission Moment

The Temperature Is What?

Harpeth River Rave Run

The Team At Work

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