Friday, February 15, 2008

21.5 Miles for the Week

So how early was this morning's six-mile run?

- The newspaper wasn't in the driveway when I started.
- I never saw a car until Mile Three.
- No dog barked at me.
- I finished well before sunrise.
- I'm blogging at 6:10 a.m.

I started out before 5, thinking it was a four-shirt morning with a headband and open gloves. Running into the wind the first mile, I congratulated myself on the choices. By Mile Two, I had reversed my decision, removing headband and untucking my shirts. It almost felt balmy.

I never felt good on the run. In fact, at Miles One and Four, I felt sorta crummy. I stopped at Mile Four to drink Gatorade and just to convince myself I needed to finish this bleepin' run. I did, thinking about Dori's efforts to get out of the hospital, as well as her walks on the treadmill and strength exercises she doesn't want to do some days.

Mission accomplished, by the way ... I ran more than 21 miles this week.

The other day, Dori spotted two small birds, a male and female, in a tall holly bush outside our front window. The male had a beautiful red belly, while the female stood guard over her newly built nest. Sounds like Dori and me ... I have (OK, used to have) a red belly and Dori is a nester. I think they are sparrows, but I can't locate our Birds of North America book. Looks like I get a C in Ornithology today. If I find a photo of the birds, I will post later. Later ... have a good weekend.

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