Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sick Boy

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to find our son lying on the couch, white as a ghost. Last night, while we watched Vanderbilt's win over Kentucky, Will complained about an upset stomach. This morning, Will proceeded to tell me he got sick last night. No problem, I said, then walked by his room to find a recreation of The Exorcist set. It took me 45 minutes to clean and sanitize his room and the main bathroom, start the wash, and reassure him all was OK. He made several poor choices along the way to the rough morning, including pounding a lot of Nestle's Valentines. His Indian name is now Too Much Chocolate.

All that was the least of my concerns. I wanted low-immune Dori nowhere near him, but no one in our family could keep him today. So we kept him in his room, and I canceled my meetings, staying home to check on him every hour or so. He napped some of the day. He's feeling better, drinking Pedialyte and finally eating dinner.

I could not believe school was canceled today. We only had a dusting, but then again, when I ran an errand this morning, people were flying way over the speed limit on wet streets while it was 26 degrees. Black ice is dangerous, but folks here don't know or care. It's very unnerving to have people riding your bumper when you know black ice is out there.

I did manage to catch some of the congressional baseball hearings. I think Clemens is lying, and McNamee did some bad things. Whoever is lying, one of those two needs a priest and a confessional booth. What do you think? Muchado about nothing? Congress involved in something it shouldn't be, rather than focusing on more serious issues? What bugs me most is all this time Dori and I have spent trying to convince our kids to eat their peas and carrots, but now, they might just consider injecting HGH. JK.

While Will rested in the early afternoon, I took Pepper out for a quick lunchtime run. We went four easy miles. Yes, it was cold running into the NW wind, but running into a NW wind is far better than not running into a NW wind. Weekly mileage is now 15.5. I need a six-miler on Friday morning to make the weekly goal before a big weekend run.

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