Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Need to Run

I took Dori to the clinic today. All is well. Her red blood cell count remains low (26). Norm is 34-44, I think. She's been very close to getting a transfusion, which explains her overall feeling of lethargy. They've kept her PICC line in because of that, which is a small burden.

It's hard for Dori to get up in the morning, or last much pass 7 p.m. The good news is her white blood cell count looks good. Platelets are OK ... not great, not bad. It will be nice when her blood counts are all normal. Dori will certainly say, "Here, Here" to that.

It looks like we'll be dining soon with our friends, the Hendrys. Chuck is also recovering from his transplant. He's back at work, and I'm looking forward to seeing them, celebrating life and comparing notes like we leukemia-affected people do.

Rain, rain, go away ... I'm feeling some stress right now because I have tons on my plate and the rain has me trapped inside. We cancelled our Y membership this year because it's nearly $100/month and we don't take full advantage, plus we're going to join the neighborhood swim club soon. On days like today, I miss the Y. Tomorrow morning looks like it's going to be very cold, but I still may bundle up and add some miles. I need the stress-buster.

Tonight, Vanderbilt (20-4) plays Blue Mist Kentucky in basketball on ESPN. That should be fun to watch. I'm very excited again about VU baseball. We have season tickets, and we'll go to a ton of games. I love that program for many reasons - it's a winning program, sure, but I greatly respect Coach Corbin, who visited Dori this summer in the hospital and still keeps in touch. He's a class act, and so are his coaches and players. We will send Will to his summer camp.

I've gotta run (dinner, consulting, etc.), but I hope to report my training stays on track this week and mileage hits the 20s. I'm thinking this weekend's run will be my first double-digit miler since Virginia.

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