Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bump in the Road

Yesterday was a tough day for Dori. She woke up and became physically ill. The kids had the day off from school, so I stayed home and took care of everyone and worked from home.

I checked on Dori, who I think had what Will had a few days ago, every hour. Around mid-morning, she started the diarrhea cycle Will had and later spiked a low grade fever. She tried to eat some applesauce yesterday afternoon, but that didn't go well. Her fever peaked at 100.0 around 8 last night, so I called the doctor on call a second time. His initial concern was GVHD until I told him about Will's recent sickness. He said if she couldn't keep her cyclosporine down, she needed to check in the hospital. Thankfully, she did keep it and other important meds down.

We're at the clinic this morning. Dori is getting fluids and they're looking at her levels after what she's been through. She looks better today than yesterday. She's lost about four pounds (she's at 121), so eating later today and fluids will be good.

Yesterday was unnerving. The kids were edgy because they didn't see Mom the whole day because she was either in bed or the bathroom. I tried my best to get Dori to drink yesterday, which was a struggle. I tried my sweet voice, and later my tougher voice, saying you really don't want to go back to 11 North, do you? ... Please drink, sweetheart. She tried her best, but we weren't exchanging the pleasantries we exchanged last Sunday at our Valentine's dinner. You couples know what I'm talking about ... Dori wasn't in the mood to listen to anything or anyone. That's "the joy" of GI issues.

The kids are at their basketball games, thanks to my Mom and StepDad, Dan. We'll regroup later today. Until then, I am putting images in my head of all of us in Beersheba later this spring and Edisto Island, South Carolina this summer. We could all use some mountain time and beach time.

I've looked but haven't found an image yet of the sparrow couple outside our front window. I have seen a lot of pictures of pretty birds, though. There's always a plus.

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