Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good Clinic Visit

Dori's visit to the clinic went well today. Her blood counts look fine. White and red blood cell counts stayed about the same, while platelets dropped slightly into the 120 range. Her neutrophils (her army against bugs) looked great.

After Dori's scare in mid-March, it's great to clear another hurdle. Only Dori and other leukemia patients can know how it feels to walk back into a place of many difficult memories. The fear of being readmitted is real and causes anxiety. This morning wasn't a fun time for Dori ... but just reminding yourself that you're awake is a victory in itself.

I cannot intimate how great it is to get Dori's call that the clinic visit went well. I will do everything I can to make sure Dori stiff-arms the occasional anxiety and continues to look forward, not back, and trust in her Lord that He knows best. That's easy to say for all of us, but sometimes hard to do.


Donna Clements said...

Two victories - Dori in the clinic visit and Jim in the half marathon... of course, Dori's is the sweetest..
Donna and Runcie

Renee Brown said...

vmCongratulations, Dori, one victory after another. Just keep envisioning "Great results!" and it will be yours.

Congratulations to Jim on his race. Laura is running the half marathon tomorrow for St. Judes:

Renee and Bob