Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Coach Brown

Dori is assisting the kids' cross country team two days a week. She calls herself a cross country helper, but around this house she's known as "Coach Brown." You can learn a lot from Coach Brown, if you listen and observe. Today, Coach Brown ran two miles in the neighborhood, conquering our steepest hill without stopping.

Coach Brown's husband ran an easy four tonight at Radnor Lake in humid conditions (the remnants of Tropical Storm Fay). The first mile was slow as I shook the remaining soreness from Sunday's run. After another mile, I felt OK and dropped the pace down to about 8:40/mile. Final time: 37:24, a 9:21/mile pace.

Sunday night, Dori took the kids for a walk. As they left, Will gave me that invincible look from his Razor scooter. My memory of that picture was, "At least he's wearing his helmet."

When they returned, Will was in serious agony. He had five impressive raspberries from a crash that was precipitated by shooting straight downhill. I won't soon forget his screams as I washed him off. Fifteen minutes later, he was fine. We sent his cape to The Smithsonian.


pj said...

Please tell Coach Brown I'm impressed!

Ronni Gordon said...

Congratulations to Dori for running two miles including a hill, no less. I too am recovering from a transplant and I know how difficult, and how important, it is to get back to running.