Monday, August 4, 2008

Lake People

Sunday, Dori and I joined six other couples at Percy Priest Lake on a pontoon boat for some R&R. We had fun poking fun at each other and enjoying each other's company. Everyone hopped in the lake except Dori, who continues to play it smart. It didn't bug her a bit.

This photo, which I really like, says a few things:

1. Chemo couldn't take away the cute freckle on Dori's nose.
2. I should avoid putting sunscreen in my eyes. It's uncomfortable.
3. Those two are happy not to be near a hospital.
4. Dori's smile hasn't changed since I met her nearly 16 years ago.

I couldn't budge out of bed yesterday morning, so I postponed my run until after work. The high was 96, but I had to run. As I started a four-miler at Radnor Lake, the temp was 92. It wasn't bad, though, because of the shade, the lower sun, and fairly low humidity and dewpoint. The first mile was all creaky. Muscle soreness was deep. I did warm up around mile two and managed to pick up the pace.

When I finished, the temp was 87. I now know I'm acclimated to the summer heat.

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Summer said...

Cute, cute, cute. I'm glad y'all had fun!!!