Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Start for Vandy

Last night, my friends Al and Min joined Dori's Dad, Rick, and me to watch Vanderbilt play Miami in beautiful Oxford, OH. The Dores played well, winning 34-13. I also saw my good friend, Runcie, and his cousin Jimmy at the game. Here are a few photos of the pageantry, including Rick, a retired Navy captain, singing the national anthem.

I used the Oxford trip as a break. I did run four easy miles Wednesday morning. Weekly total is at 19 with tomorrow's eight-miler on tap. Tomorrow, I'll rejoin the Team in Training group, but I'll be with the half marathoners now until October. I have very much enjoyed running with the "big dogs" who are training for 26.2. I will probably set my sights on a flat 26.2 winter marathon, maybe Phoenix or Orlando, after the Nike Half in San Francisco. Thanks to all for the advice and encouragement.

Last bits of good news. First, Dori's monthly check-up Thursday went great. Her blood counts rose, even her platelets, which are still below normal range. Also, the local Leukemia & Lymphoma Society chapter told us our team (that's you, all of you who have contributed) is No. 12 out of 5,000 teams in the country in fund-raising. What can I say about you all that we haven't said already ... you all are terrific.

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Ann said...

It's so good to hear that Dori's numbers are up. The game sounded like fun, and I'm glad you were able to go. for cigarette butts flicked out of windows; don't get me started. As a reformed smoker, I'm still amazed that anyone could smoke in such a confined space and then flick the filter out of the window without a care in the world. I'm also amazed at the number of patients smoking in front of MDA. What are they thinking?
Getting off my soap box now.

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!