Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dori Is Home

Here is another photo from the race, courtesy of Elly Foster, a race photographer. This shot is on the home stretch inside the stadium. Splish splash!

I called Dori after church this morning ... she said she had discharge papers in hand. We got her out of there like a bat out of hell. Hats off to the VUMC staff for helping Dori recover so quickly. They are incredible.

The kids and I went to the first part of the Vanderbilt-USC baseball game (good guys won 10-4), then headed over to the house of a family who has a wonderful annual Easter party the week before the holiday. I caught up with a lot of good people, some of whom read this little corner of the blogosphere with some regularity. I appreciate the kind words from those good folks ... you are inspiring. We are blessed to have such good friends and such an uplifting community at school.

Funny, I'm only mildly sore today. After other races, the soreness is most noticeable two days after the race, so we'll see how tomorrow goes. I believe I had another four to five miles in me yesterday, maybe not at 9:00/mile, but the miles were there. The three-mile training run on Thursday never happened for obvious reasons, so maybe that's another lesson learned: Shut it down four days before the race. I also ate pasta, usually with chicken, every day the week of the race, as well as a steady diet of nuts, bagels, raisins, bananas and apples.

I'm thinking about a full marathon now. I need to ruminate on that for a variety of reasons. According to the McMillan calculator, my recent 1:58:09 translates to a 4:09:11 full. The McMillan is known for being optimistic. For posterity's sake, here are the chronological results from my races since 2006:

March 2006, Tom King Half: 2:06:13
April 2006, Country Music Half: 2:06:35
April 2007, Country Music Half: 2:09:37
July 2007, Firecracker 5K: 24:06
September 2007, VA Beach Half: 2:01:02
March 2008, Tom King Half: 1:58:09

I have no plans to run this week until I feel like it ... Hah, it feels good saying that! But you know us runners ... plans are a-comin'.

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