Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Home Day

Will woke up with a 102 degree fever, so I stayed home today to keep an eye on him and keep him away from Dori. He's been in bed all day. He seems better this evening than at 6 a.m., when he looked like a par-boiled lobster.

The latest on Beth Fortune's mom sounds encouraging. Becky Fortune woke up after five days of unconsciousness. The docs and family are assessing Becky's speech and recollection; it sounds like her memory is good, but she has a long road to recovery. The good news is she has awakened. Please say an extra prayer for the Fortunes.

Dori feels better today. That's two days in a row where she's had some pep in her step. You can understand we like days like today where she's cooking and enjoying food, rather than lying in bed. Dori sure as heck does.

I did a lunch run while Dori ate and Will slept. Pepper and I went five easy miles through the neighborhood. We trudged through 25 MPH winds as a cold front prepared to bust through town. I'm still not 100% after the 11 miler, but I felt much better than on Sunday's run.

Midway through today's run, Pepper and I reached a three-way intersection. As we turned from one street to the other, an older lady driving a Cadillac almost hit us. Driving with a miniature dog in her lap, she missed Pepper by inches and me by a foot, and I yelled, "Cmon!" The look on her face, as she was illegally blowing through a stop sign and cutting the corner to beat an oncoming car, was, "How dare you." Breaking the law, almost killing a dog and then having the audacity to shift blame ... all to get home five seconds sooner. I guess ... forgive me and my deaf dog who can't hear oncoming cars ... of course, the road is yours.

Mileage this week to date: 7 miles. Frustration with rude drivers: Continually high.

It's time to start surfing between MSNBC, CNN and Fox News to see results from the primaries and to listen to people with excessive make-up and loud voices tell us they told us so. I am very interested in the Obama-Hillary race. Everyone I know agrees we are witnessing something historically significant. Like my friends, I cherish our imperfect political system. Flaws, warts and all, it still is the best in the world. People in our republic still get to decide who advances and who stays home, something too many Americans take for granted.

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