Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pepper Bonks

I took Mighty Pepper for a run last night at Radnor. It was fairly warm, around 70, but I thought we'd try the five miler since I hadn't run since Sunday. Pepper was more energetic than normal and pulled me most of the first mile. He also was feistier than normal when he saw other dogs, sparking several growl-offs. I had to reprimand the pooch.

The first quarter mile was essentially a sprint, and I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest. The pace evened out after a mile, and my optimism for a good run returned. Alas, the poor dog hit his wall at 2.5 miles. We had to alternate walking and easy jogging, just to make it back to the car in reasonable shape. So it looks like any run over three miles in the spring and summer with the dog will have to be an early morning run. My normally sedentary dog just can't handle the heat with all his fur.

I had a fabulous dinner at my super sister's house - NY strip steak and marinated herbed shrimp off the grill, parmesan polenta, baked baby tomatoes in basil, grilled bread and a very nice red. My Mom and their husbands were there, and we just laughed and ate for an hour. The food thing in our family is a serious pursuit ... For as long as I can remember, my Mom's culinary abilities and the ambience she creates has strengthened the bonds that tie us together. Last night was another simple but special occasion. I'm grateful my sister and I have inherited this trait.

This week has been very quiet at home. When Dori and the kids aren't here, the silence is deafening. I like to relax in a very clean house, but it doesn't take long to say, "I want my peeps back." That will happen very soon, which makes this lonely boy very happy.

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