Monday, March 24, 2008

'A Real Person Again'

Been awhile since I blogged. I've been in Florida since Friday, getting Dori and the kids situated before returning last night. Dori's Dad picked us up in New Orleans, then drove us to the Panhandle where he lives. He and his wife have a very nice house on a golf course.

The flight down was Will's first. As he looked out the window on takeoff, I heard him say, "I have butterflies, Mom." Minutes later in the air, he said, "The cars look like ants." I love watching Will and Kathryn comment on new experiences. You can imagine Dori does, too, more so than ever. Dori wore her mask the whole way, and we wore out the sanitizing gel.

Speaking of our girl, Dori smiled all day Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday. We went to the beach Saturday, where Dori announced, "I feel like a real person again." As we fell asleep that night, she talked about being on the beach, watching the dolphin play and feed and people running around in the surf. She said enjoying the beach view and air was like reclaiming part of her freedom after being cooped up so long.

Dori also is eating well after losing a good amount of weight since last year and especially after the last viral bout. She hammered some fries in ketchup and ate most of a big cheeseburger. Other foods she's enjoyed lately include waffles, sausage, strawberry shortcake and key lime pie. I'm glad her appetite is back for several reasons. We all need our reserves, and her immunity system will benefit by getting back to her normal weight of 180. Just kidding, honey. I know you read the blog.

The photos are of: Pepper, who likes to put his head on the window sill and look outside; a persistent, patient blue heron who is fed sardines each day by a neighbor of Dori's Dad; and Will breaking open the pinata at the pre-Easter party at the house of a school family friend.

I ran three times in Florida, the longest of which was about five miles on a golf course early Easter Sunday. Total weekend mileage was around 13 miles. My pace was slow, never over 9:30/mile. My body wasn't delighted with any run. Friday's run was ok, while Saturday's was rough because of soreness. My Easter run in a 25 mph wind was great downwind and ok into the wind. I ran before any golfers were out, so it was just me and a few of the grounds crew. Very peaceful, even with the wind whipping. If the Country Music Half was scheduled in a week or two, I wouldn't run it. My body is liking the relative rest. That said, I can't get out of shape, which can happen quickly.

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