Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jimmy the Slug

This week has been run-free. I've just been a slouch, really. The days since the Tom King have included a Hardee's cheeseburger, fries (twice) and beer. My Mom served meatloaf, lots of carbs and dark chocolate cake on Monday night for my 43rd birthday. I've had no desire to pound pavement ... I'm just enjoying the rest. Can you blame me? I am on my feet a lot for work, and have felt fine all week. Soreness almost has been unnoticeable. Today was the first day I thought, "Maybe I should go for a run ... Nahhhh!"

In a publication called The Tennessee Journal, I read about an historian who spoke to more than 100 fourth and fifth graders in Hamblen County. He asked them if they could name the governor of Tennessee. Of 131 children, only ONE could name Phil Bredesen. Holy civics books, Batman ... we're in deep trouble.

Dori has felt better each day since the weekend. On Sunday, she moved slowly, and on Monday semi-slowly. She had more pep yesterday and today seems to be back to her pre-virus condition. Temps have been 97 amd 98, numbers we like very much. This afternoon, she picked up the kids from school and ran an errand. She's still sleeping in and taking naps, but that's all part of this thing called recovery.

This isn't a long one, so I'll close with a few tidbits, one unimportant and one with more relevance. One: My Final Four is Pitt, UCLA, Kansas and UNC, with UCLA winning it all over UNC. Maybe we won't see shots like this in the NCAA tournament, but we should see good hoops.

Yes, I'm now a You Tube embedder. Have fun rhyming behind that one.

Two: Good Friday and Easter are almost here. We'll spend it celebrating the ultimate gift of redemption from our Creator.

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