Friday, March 28, 2008

One Heckuva Hill

I finally reunited with my family today. Dori and the kids had a wonderful time in Florida, returning Thursday. Trouble was, as they were landing in Nashville, I was headed to Morristown in a car on business. [Insert profanity here.] I think I called Dori at least four times yesterday. That's not like me. I'm normally a maximum two-calls-from-the-road kinda guy.

Some vacations are good, others special. I think the time Dori and the kids spent with Dori's Dad and Step-Mom was memorable. The kids and I went to dinner tonight, waiting for the VU baseball game to start (it was eventually rained out). At Ted's Montana Grill, with strawberry milk shakes and Sam Adams white ale in hand (my hands had the ale), I asked the kids about the trip. They described their days in detail, a sign they had a marvelous time. I remember some trips I took with my family. Some were indelible for good reasons, and some, well hell you know.

Dori laughed at my 180 pound "typo," as she called it. I love baiting the hook. Dori gave me a long hug tonight. Really long. She told me several times she loves me, with more gusto than normal. I think Dori's vitality is slowly returning, and Dori said my Mom and sister said the same thing. I'm staying optimistic the hell we just went through is slowly going away. Dori's nurse practitioner called late today to tell us Dori's most recent lab results look excellent - 100% donor DNA and no leukemia in the marrow. Hans, you are a good man.

I'm really tired, but something brought me over to the computer tonight. It seems like this blog continues to be many things - a refuge, a diary, occasionally a venting ground and certainly an education platform. Some folks continue to tell me it's inspiring. So be it. I don't think that's a bad thing. I find lots of inspiration from other people who are willing to be honest and make themselves vulnerable for the benefit of others. It's helped me cope. While I'm being touchy-feely ... I had several conversations this week with good people about service on earth, not as a means to an end but as a meaningful pursuit. I was with several people the last day or so who really are here to make things better for others. Enlightenment is a good feeling.

I ran 3.75 miles in Morristown. The elevation change was 700 feet with a total climb of 350 feet, most of it on one super-steep hill. At 1.8 miles, I came to this daunting hill, which was easily twice as steep as anything in Percy Warner Park. It seemed to go on for awhile. During the ascent, a mean-looking dog apparently took pity on me, choosing to witness the suffering rather than exacerbate it. Despite not feeling chipper in the warm pollen-filled air, I told that hill what it can do and never stopped running. Run for Dori. Hamblen County is beautiful, by the way.

Weather permitting, this will be a busy weekend of baseball (Will and Vanderbilt), with a long run in the mix. I'm seriously considering a fall race in California to raise money for the Leukemia Society and to take my girl on a long, romantic date with wine and good food. Neither one of us has ever been to California. How's that for weird?


Anonymous said...

where in CA? brent was living in san francisco (and I in boston!!) when we met...go for it! and if you want romantic suggestions we can get inthe "way back" machine and make some! :-)


Jim said...


I will definitely catch up with you about CA ideas ... at the auction, if not sooner. It would be nice to talk about Wine Country ideas with some wine in our hands!