Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Achievements

Just when you thought parents couldn't be any prouder ...

Dori called me last night in happy tears. I had to work late (grrrr), having to miss the kids' school awards ceremony and Will's playoff game. Dori was at the former, while Mom and Dan covered the latter.

Dori said, in between sniffs, that Kathryn had been recognized as the prime medalist or among a small group in seven categories, while Will was recognized in two. Both have had stellar years in the classroom, which is worth celebrating any year. Their overall achievement, however, occurred during a year with many distractions. Staying focused in school and activities, especially in the fall, tells me a lot about our children. It hasn't been an easy year, but they are more appreciative and aware than most children in this world. And focused on success. And oh yes, we are blessed to be at an excellent school with remarkable teachers, administrators and friends that nurture and guide our children in a Christian way.

Will's team won last night, 15-3, his Nana tells me. They're one win away from winning their tournament. The boy smiles the whole game, loves his teammates and plays the game with passion. That's all I want for him ... Play hard and have fun, and let the results be what they will be. I'll be at Saturday's game come hell or high water.

Dori and I talked to the kids last night, and just marveled at them. Sorry ... It's not gloating. It's different. It's recognizing two special young people who have endured much emotionally the last year and emerged stronger. It's worthy of tipping your hat and celebrating, which we will be doing the next few weeks. I told Kathryn how impressed I was by her reaction to her recent run with me that didn't go well; she decided she was better than that and asked to go with me again ... the next day. She could have quit or sulked, but she dusted off her pants and decided she was the boss.

Just like her Mom.

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Renee Brown said...

Dear Kathryn and Will,

Congratulations on your awards!!

How wonderful. We are all impressed with your achievements!

Renee and Bob